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Does your pet need surgery on their knee, hip, or spine? Studies have shown that pets receiving rehab following an orthopedic surgical procedure heal and return to function up to 50% faster than those who don't! Physical therapists and canine rehab practitioners agree that rehab should start as soon as possible after surgery.

Rehab can also improve quality of life and decrease the need for anti-inflammatory and pain medications in pets suffering from osteoarthritis.

I am proud to be the only Certified Canine Rehab Practitioner in Northwest Florida offering the convenience of in-home physical rehabilitation for pets. My equipment includes a full FitPAWS rehabilitation course, TENS/EMS, and a therapeutic ultrasound unit to address all of your pet's specific rehab needs, as specified by your veterinarian. I will develop an individualized rehab plan for your pet and provide you with a home exercise program to keep up the good work in between sessions. Full session notes will be provided to your veterinarian within 48 hours of every session.

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