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Vet Tech To Go

Helping you and your veterinarian take the very best care of your very best friends

Nursing, Rehabilitation, Hospice and Fitness services for your pets and patients in the comfort of their own homes


Caring for Your Furry Friend

Keeping Your Pets Happy and Healthy

Vet Tech To Go is committed to practicing the highest level of patient and client care. I am a Certified Veterinary Technician and Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner with over 15 years of experience. I want to help your pets and patients get the treatment and care they need, when they need it, in the comfort of their own homes.



Professional Experience

Does your pet need surgery on their knee, hip, or spine? Studies have shown that pets receiving rehab following an orthopedic surgical procedure heal and return to function up to 50% faster than those who don't! Physical therapists and canine rehab practitioners agree that rehab should start as soon as possible after surgery.

Rehab can also improve quality of life and decrease the need for anti-inflammatory and pain medications in pets suffering from osteoarthritis.

I am proud to be the only Certified Canine Rehab Practitioner in Northwest Florida offering the convenience of in-home physical rehabilitation for pets. My equipment includes a full FitPAWS rehabilitation course, TENS/EMS, and a therapeutic ultrasound unit to address all of your pet's specific rehab needs, as specified by your veterinarian. I will develop an individualized rehab plan for your pet and provide you with a home exercise program to keep up the good work in between sessions. Full session notes will be provided to your veterinarian within 24 hours of every session.


Veterinary Nursing

Compassionate Care

Does your pet have a chronic medical condition which requires regular treatments or monitoring? Is it inconvenient for you and your pet to make so many trips back and forth to the vet? Vet Tech To Go can come to your house at your convenience to administer fluids, give injections, draw blood samples, change bandages, or perform other treatments or tests recommended by your veterinarian!



In the Comfort of Home

Hospice can make such a difference for pets as they begin the ends of their journeys. Hospice care is a multi-faceted approach to end-of-life care by a team of professionals which aims to prevent suffering while maintaining comfort and quality of life for the patient and family. Contact me to learn more about how I can help you make the end of your pet's journey as fulfilling as the rest of it was.



Healthy = Happy

Not spending as much time as you’d like to with your pet? Don’t let your busy schedule interfere with your furry friend’s mental and physical well-being. Give your animal the care and attention they deserve by taking advantage of Vet Tech To Go and the convenience and quality of my Fitness services. Puppies, adults, and seniors welcome. Let me teach your old dog a few new tricks!


Pet Sitting

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pet Sitting services are available to a limited area of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.
Nothing beats the quiet comfort of home for your pets when you travel. I offer unrivaled experience, professionalism, attention to detail, and care. Call to schedule a meet and greet!


"A year ago, I knew my fear-aggressive pit bull mix needed therapy to help her arthritis, but I was nervous because Ivy was leery of new people. Lindsay listened to my concerns over the phone, and IMMEDIATELY bonded with Ivy when they met! She provided great sessions with Ivy, and really enhanced the quality of her last year of life. She was patient and loving, and worked with Ivy at her own pace. I HIGHLY recommend Lindsay; especially if you have a dog with trust issues."

Karla H.

"The level of care that Lindsay gave Deuce during his hospice care is beyond words. I am so glad that she has blossomed her business into a mobile service as I wished such a service had existed for us. Moving an elderly Bullmastiff is not easy! But at the clinic where he received therapies from her, she was able to help him move in complete comfort and ease. Lindsay was one of Deuce's favorite people to see every week. And I am most grateful for the care we both received from her."

Sophie BM

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Contact Me

I love animals and have years of experience working with them. You can trust me to provide a safe, comfortable, fun, and healthy experience for your furry friend. Whether it’s a rehab session, pet sitting visit, or providing in-home nursing care, I will care for your pet as if they were my own.

(850) 291-0748

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